6 Internet Marketing Trends for 2013

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2012 was the year of Pinterest, Google algorithm changes, the growth of mobile, and many other Internet marketing changing moments. These moments altered Internet marketing plans for some, while leaving us to ask what the trends will be for 2013. While with 2012 near an end – we gathered information and compiled a list of the 6 Internet marketing trends for 2013.

Content is (Still) King with Context as Prince

We’ve been saying content is king since the birth of the Internet, but it is even more true today. It’s all about content mixed with context, and personalization. People expect things to be more personal (M&M’s with your initials on them), and as search and social media gets more personalized, your content and the context of it matters even more. Context marketing is delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time. Think of someone searching for a pizza delivery place at 1 a.m. – while the search engine may show your website listing top pizza restaurants in Chicago – that’s not what this person is searching for. Instead search engine are becoming so personalized already – they will show the closest places that deliver and serve pizza and are open until 1 a.m. With social media on the rise and data available – soon they may even show pizza places that serve the toppings you like as well.

Mobile Matures

Over 800 million smartphones and tablets will be sold by this year’s end. As more people access the Internet via mobile devices, a company’s online presence (website, social media, and any other online content) will need to be able to play nice on smartphones and tablets. Mobile-first website design and Internet marketing campaigns will become more prevelant throughout 2013.

Responsive Design

Recently, we published a blog post titled What is Responsive Web Design?, which gives a basic definition of what it is – but why is it so popular? Responsive design means pages are designed for optimal viewing across all devices. Your website changes with each screen size – and with the rise in mobile devices, responsive design will be hot in 2013.

Agile Marketing

Go agile now. Agile marketing is the only way to manage marketing in a constantly changing world. Your approach to building a digital experience for clients should be disposable, less expensive for your company, and low resource. Agile marketing is becoming popular due to the rapid changes in Internet marketing and social media.

Smart Social Media

With websites like Pinterest and the new Myspace being introduced, it’s true that social media is only getting better as a marketing platform – but few companies understand what to make of it all. Data from such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and with Google integrated Google Plus more into searches- it’s clear that social media is becoming smarter for companies to be using, and easier to understand your customers.

Google Plus

With Google integrating Google Plus into search, its becoming necessary for every company to have a Google Plus profile and one that is includes valuable content. More people will become members of Google Plus in 2013 as new features are introduced and it has more companies using the site due to the search integration.

2013 will become a year of new technologies and new Internet marketing trends. Companies will adapt new goals and marketing plans to increase customer use on mobile devices. Along with this many small businesses will also adapt new goals and marketing plans to serve their individual company goals.

We look forward to helping you make your online presence meet your business goals and objectives in 2013.

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