Facebook Introduces Graph Search

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On Tuesday, Facebook introduced Graph Search, which will allow all of us to filter through our friends’ status updates, interests, photos, and general Facebook activity. Facebook has a lot of useful information sitting on its servers – somewhere around 500 terabytes of new data every day, at last count. Until Tuesday, Facebook lacked an efficient way for someone to scour through it. The possibilities of graph search are quite ambitious.

Introducing Facebook Graph Search

As the company says, it wants to provide answers, not links to answers. If you want to know what TV shows your friends are into or what music they like, you’ll be able to find out by utilizing graph search. If you’re trying to find a consensus for a potential dinner date destination, Facebook’s Graph Search could help you out.

Up until now trying to search for anything that wasn’t a friend, business, or organization became an exercise of scouring data. Facebook’s Graph Search is a direct solution to that problem.

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