Rolex Debuts Facebook Page and Pinterest Page

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Last month, Rolex did something most didn’t expect the venerated luxury brand to ever do: it launched a Facebook Page and a Pinterest Page.

The change is a surprising one, wrote watch blogger Ariel Adams on Forbes, noting that, a few years ago, Rolex was reluctant to even launch a website.

“For a long time the predominant feeling at luxury companies was that…social media was dangerous,” he says.

“The main reason Rolex is so powerful is because so many people know about Rolex,” he writes. “The Rolex name is far more powerful than even its specific product families. Brands who thrive on awareness must go to where the people are. And whether you like Facebook, or other social media platforms, people are clearly there and they are forces to be reckoned with.”

Rolex’s first post on their Facebook Page reads:

“We are pleased to encourage you to share your passion for Rolex watches and their universe. Kindly note that the Facebook Page is not intended for commercial or after-sales service matters. Please refer to your official Rolex retailer or service center for all your inquiries.” Subsequent posts have featured pictures of watches.

The site launched April 24, and already has garnered more than 400,000 likes.


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