Twitter Introduces Vine App

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Twitter has introduced Vine, a free video-sharing iPhone app that takes 6 second videos and shares them on Twitter, Facebook, and/or the website.

Any time you touch the screen it will capture video (up to a total of 6 seconds). Tap the next button, select the services you wish to share the video on, choose whether or not to geotag the video, then share it with the World.

Vine App

There are discovery tools built into the Vine app, providing you choice of editor-curated videos, videos marked with a particular hash tag, and very popular videos. Tapping on any video you’re watching pauses it or restarts viewing, and unlike other apps, Vine provides audio as well. In the official Twitter iOS app, tapping on a tweet that contains a Vine link will display the video immediately.

Many people have questioned if Vine will serve a purpose, besides sharing videos of your dog, and are asking if 6 seconds works. Well, so far with the response, it seems Vine is here to stay, and it is up to everyone to give the app the purpose you want it to have. At the moment many videos serve little purpose, besides teaching you how to make coffee.

Have you used Vine? What are your thoughts?

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